Thursday, September 15, 2011

i don't understand HOW it happen!!! do YOU!!??

I don't understand HOW..

How you smile all the day long but cry yourself to sleep at night.

How pictures never change but the people in them do.

How your best friend can become your worst enemy.

How strange it is when your worst enemy turns into your best friend.

How forever turns into a few short months that you'd do almost anything to get back.

How you can let go of something you once said you couldn't live without.

How even though you know something is best for you, it just hurts the same.

How the people who once wanted to spend every second with you, think a few minutes of their time is too much to spare.

How people make promises despite knowing how common it is for promises to be broken.

How people can erase you from their lives just because it's easier than working things out.


I really don't understand how people have their audacity to snap my picture while i'm at toilet, even though lots of place outside they can snap my picture. HAHAHA..

Gambar muka dikaburkan untuk menutup keaiban.. HEHE.


1. Setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmah dan sebab musababnya. Percayalah!

2. Jangan malas-malas jenguk my flickr yea.. theres lots of different and style picture.. TQ!!
kalau nak review my flickr <<KLIK SINI>>

::  bye uOOLlllss!!  ::
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