Tuesday, January 18, 2011

:: Fastest Rising People SI GADIS YOUTUBE,NAJWA LATIF!!! It is like HANIS ZALIKHA?? I guess..

"NAJWALATIF,the fastest rising people..who guess??"

Just a simple information about the awesome girl,NAJWA LATIF.

I'm Najwa Latif.I'm 16 years old.I do play three instruments like guitar,piano and drum. but obviously i do love guitar more than anything else.I'm in love with music since I was a little girl. I went to many performance, but back then, it's just me and my voice. Thanks God the Almighty, I found my new love and passion, which is Guitar.My dad buy me my first guitar which is Santa Cruz and send me to guitar class when he know that I am pretty much in love with guitar. So, I took that chance to learn and it was love at first sight. And from then on, I always perform with my lovely guitar. Now, I have 5 guitar, which is Santa Cruz (Kapok) , Yamaha (Classical), Ibanez (electric) , StarSun (acoustic), and my latest baby, Epiphone (acoustic). Currently, I am still learning guitar, and to explore new love in music, I take piano lesson and also drum lesson.Thats all.

::  bye uOOLlllss!!  ::
A U F I R H A N | R O S L A N D  
i'm amazing,just with the way i am..

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